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A stone walkway with lighting at dusk in a backyard.

6 Landscape Lighting Concepts

There are 6 major lighting concepts that will aid in the design of your Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area home: Cohesion, Depth, Focal...
A walkway lit up at dusk.

4 ways LED Outdoor Lighting Improves  Your Home.

SecuritySecurity from theft and trespassing is a primary concern for all Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area homeowners and is usually addressed with high...
A walkway with stones and plants in front of a house.

In Need Of a Landscape Contractor?

Searching for a landscaper for your project at your Altoona, State College or Bedford home? Tussey Landscaping is a design/build firm equipped to do so...
A stone walkway with flowers and a fire pit.


It is challenging to wade through the many details of doing or redoing the landscaping on your Altoona, State College, or Bedford property. Where do...
A lake surrounded by trees and a blue sky.

EcoSystem Koi Pond And How It Works | Altoona PA

What is an ecosystem pond?  And how does it work? What makes an ecosystem pond different from a pool? Is one pond better than another?...
A backyard with a house and trees.

Celebrity Koi Pond Build in Hollywood, LA – Collaboration with Aquascape

One of the perks to being a Certified Aquascape Contractor is being invited to the cool events and unique pond builds all across North America. ...
Artist of the year.

Artist Of The Year Award

Wow. We came home feeling electric. Something we admit to secretly pursuing for years actually happened. Tussey Landscaping was awarded the Artist of the Year...

Water Garden Delight

Nature Ages Beautifullykoi pond, Hollidaysburg PA This beautiful koi pond in Hollidaysburg Pa is just shining in natural beauty. Nothing ages as beautifully as nature....
A small water fountain in a garden with rocks and plants.

Things to Consider When Getting a Water Feature Built

​Water features are the jewel of the backyard! Or we should say, can be to jewel of the backyard. When improperly built, unfortunately that is...