Being green minded means different things to different people. At Tussey Landscaping we look at being “Green” through the practical lens of stewardship and responsibility for our Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area landscape designs. This mind frame centers on sustainable design, energy efficiency, recycling of materials, and the responsible use of our natural resources including rainwater.

We offer a growing list of services to meet the demands of the green movement in Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania, such as the RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting system, low voltage landscape lighting, Eco-friendly pavers and segmental retaining walls, native landscape plantings, and alternatives to conventional swimming pool construction!

We feel the number one element in the green movement is SUSTAINABLE DESIGN.

What is sustainable design in landscaping?

Sustainable design can be defined as the art of designing physical objects, the built environment and services to comply with the principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability. It ranges from the microcosm of designing small objects for everyday use, through to the macrocosm of designing buildings, cities, and the earth’s physical surface.

And what does this mean?

This means that through sustainable design a project will not only look, function, and feel as it’s suppose to from the start, but through a succession of years to come. This is a green friendly concept that Tussey Landscaping prides itself on so that you as our client do not have to waste time, money, and materials on the revamping of your project.

How is this achieved?
Our designers are educated in the proper placement of elements and materials in the landscape to achieve an aesthetic appeal as well as a lasting functional attraction. Our work force is also educated in the element of proper green industry construction. We are proud of our ongoing education and training that our employees embrace as an opportunity to stand out in the Landscape Design/Build Industry.

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