Tussey Landscaping's paving stones dance beneath your feet, painting vibrant textures across your patio. Imagine sun-warmed flagstones whispering stories of summer, sleek concrete pavers framing firepit warmth, or tumbled cobblestones whispering secrets of ancient paths. Each step unfolds a new chapter, your backyard transformed into a living tapestry of stone.

Choose your harmony, explore Tussey's endless paving stone palette, and let your outdoor journey begin.

Backyard patios sing in stone symphonies: Rustic flags whisper warmth, cool concrete hums modern, cobblestones tap a timeless beat. Pavers paint your haven, step by vibrant step.

Winding paths, sun-dappled dance: Pave your property with stories in stone. Rustic charm or modern edge, each step a whisper of welcome. Lead a welcoming symphony of texture, inviting discovery around your haven.

Rustic warmth or modern sleekness, pavers greet your wheels in style. Each slab whispers durability, low maintenance beats a cost-saving tune. Park your worries, pave the way to elegance.

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Paving Stones for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

Here at Tussey Landscaping we offer a variety of interlocking concrete pavers and retaining walls for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area homeowners. We also have and extensive selection of Natural stone to chose from while designing your project.

​The application and function of your hardscape both come into play when selecting the materials for your landscape project.

One example of this would be if you needed to select a material to cover your driveway. Most natural stone materials would not be a good choice for this because they will not withstand the weight and traffic, a better choice would be a concrete aggregate product like Techo Bloc pavers.

During production of segmental concrete product waste concrete is produced. Most manufactures crush this waste material and reuse it thereby reducing waste material for landfills.

Fly Ash, a waste material produced and then discarded by coal burning plants it is another product used in manufacturing segmental concrete products. Recycling Fly Ash in this way, keeps it out of landfills.

Soil erosion is a serious threat and major contributor to the degradation of water quality in the Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area. In many instances, segmental retaining walls are a cost effective solution to soil erosion.

Interlocking concrete pavers (Eco Pavers) are currently being used to capture and collect run-off. This storm water management technique directs the water back into the ground where it will recharge the water table. Some home owners who are green minded are using these permeable paver systems to collect storm water and hold it, so it can then be used to water your garden, wash your car or even flush your toilet.

Techo Bloc's Eco Pavers are paving stones specifically designed to allow rainwater to drain directly into the ground. It is one of our environmental products used to keep rain water on-site.

Green Construction has become very popular. Being “Green” means different things to different people but centers around: energy efficiency, recycling, and responsible use of our natural resources, including rainwater. In our culture, we love to pave over everything. As a result, most of the rain water can’t get back into the ground or natural hydraulic cycle. During large storms, most water runs-off – into our storm sewers, down to our creeks and rivers, causing erosion and flooding problems. This happens several times each year in the Philadelphia region.

To prevent these storm problems it’s best for rain water to go back into the ground – its called “direct infiltration” – it’s good for the environment, and it can be accomplished using Eco Pavers. Many towns impose restrictions on how much the ground can be covered with impervious surface (buildings, structures, paving, and even swimming pools). So we need a good environmental solution for homeowners, developers, and designers that are working on new construction projects.

Eco Pavers provide a paved surface that drains and a storm water solution; all in one. Let’s not forget the great aesthetic value to paving with Techo Bloc products, available in a variety of color blends and textures.