Nothing boosts the tranquility and attractiveness of your backyard quite like a masterfully created fountain! Whether you imagine a soothing fountain sprouting water or a hardscape kitchen embellished with water features, we provide an extensive range of design alternatives to suit your individual vision.

Allow us to aid you in turning your backyard into a picturesque haven where you can unwind, host gatherings, and reengage with the splendor of nature. Contact us today and find out how we can make your dream fountain a reality!

Choose from elegant stone, rustic wood, or playful bronze designs. Solar-powered options add eco-friendly charm. Premier fountains bring tranquility and a touch of luxury to your outdoor haven.

Sculptural stories in sunlit spray, each season paints a new masterpiece. Find yours, from rustic charm to modern allure. Let the series flow, inviting nature's symphony into your haven.

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    Project Installation

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Fountains for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

Transform your Altoona, State College, Johnstown, or Bedford backyard into a tranquil haven with the mesmerizing dance of water from stunning fountains.

Imagine the gentle melody of trickling water cascading through tiers, mirroring the calming sounds of a serene creek. Picture birdsong filling the air as feathered friends gather to bathe and drink in your new backyard retreat.

From the rustic charm of natural bubbling rocks to the elegant allure of urns and playful spitters, our diverse range of fountains has something for every taste. Let them harmonize with the RainXchange system to create a complete water oasis.

As a CAC (Certified Aquascape Contractor), we're dedicated to bringing your water feature dreams to life. This prestigious title means we're:

Industry Experts: Rigorous training, continuous education, and a proven track record guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and expertise.

Passionate Professionals: We believe water features are more than just installations – they're artfully crafted expressions of your outdoor space.

Dedicated to You: Unwavering commitment to customer service and support ensures your complete satisfaction, every step of the way.

Ready to unlock the magic of water in your Pennsylvania haven? Contact Tussey Landscaping today. We'll design and install a breathtaking fountain that becomes the heart of your outdoor serenity.