LED lighting can truly transform your backyard into a beautiful and intimate space! We offer a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and more to suit your project.

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Illuminate your backyard patio with energy-efficient LED lighting. Create ambiance, enhance safety, and extend outdoor enjoyment with versatile and eco-friendly lighting solutions that elevate your space after sunset.

Enhance your backyard dining experience with LED lighting. Set the perfect mood, improve visibility, and create a cozy atmosphere, making your outdoor eating area inviting and enjoyable for evening gatherings.

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LED Lighting for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

As the sun sets, our solid brass LED fixtures, backed by a lifetime warranty, transform your outdoor space into a mesmerizing nocturnal haven.

Imagine the impact of well-designed lighting on your property's ambiance. Beyond aesthetics, our lighting solutions prioritize functionality and security. Our design philosophy incorporates smooth transitions, varied light levels, balanced illumination, and focal points, ensuring an immersive and relaxing outdoor experience.

At Tussey Landscaping, we engage in a comprehensive consultation to understand your lighting needs. Every element - beauty, functionality, and security - converges in our finely crafted lighting artistry. Trust us to unveil design tactics tailored to your property.

Our lifetime warranty on solid brass fixtures exemplifies our commitment to quality. It's beauty that endures, and we stand behind it with confidence—no questions asked.

Located in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, our reach extends to Hollidaysburg, Martinsburg, Ebensburg, Saxton, Huntington, Ashville, Portage, Sidman, Tyrone, Claysburg, Hopewell, Breezewood, Alum Bank, Warriors Mark, and Duncansville. We proudly serve Blair, Cambria, Bedford, Huntington, Somerset, and Fulton counties.

Embark on the journey to a captivating outdoor haven. Contact Tussey Landscaping today to commence your professional LED outdoor lighting design. Illuminate your nights and redefine your outdoor living experience with the brilliance of Tussey Landscaping's LED lighting solutions.