Nothing adds a touch of intimacy and beauty to your backyard like a well-designed outdoor living space! Whether you envision a pond and waterfall or a kitchen made of hardscape, we offer a vast array of style options to suit your unique vision.

Let us help you transform your backyard into a dream oasis where you can relax, entertain, and reconnect with nature. Contact us today and discover how we can bring your ideal outdoor living space to life!

Lounging Space

The sun is shining on a patio with a fire pit.

Bring your outdoor living dreams to life with a personalized lounge space. We offer a wide variety of styles and options to create your perfect haven, whether you envision a cozy nook or a grand entertaining area.

Rec Space

A backyard with a pool and patio furniture.

Turn your backyard into the ultimate playground with a custom-designed rec area. We offer a variety of options to create your ideal space, from stunning swimming pools to cozy fire pits and exciting game zones.

Eating Space

An outdoor living area with a fireplace and grill.

Create a magical dining experience in your backyard with a custom-designed eating area. We offer a variety of styles and options, from intimate patios to sprawling decks, to help you create the perfect setting for your next gathering.

We Make Custom Outdoor Living Spaces Easy

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    Contact Us

    Provide us details about your dream backyard.

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    On-site Consultation

    We come to your home to discuss specifics and take measurements.

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    Custom Plan

    View your custom proposal. Some projects include a 3D rendering.

  • 4

    Project Installation

    Our team does the work, and you enjoy your dream backyard!

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Outdoor Living Spaces for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

Wanting to turn your backyard into a dream hangout spot for your Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania residence? Custom designed outdoor living space does just that!

Before starting, visualize your ideal outdoor space. Avoid the common pitfall of piecemeal design. Tussey's designers, with decades of experience, help you imagine the whole picture, ensuring a cohesive flow and harmonious elements. Your dream space, built with lifetime durability and beauty, awaits.

Furthermore, imagine the floor, walls, and ceiling of your outdoor living space as the "building blocks" that bring your vision to life. Soft grass, fragrant thyme, practical mulch, sturdy patios, or warm decks can create the perfect floor for your outdoor space. Hedges, screens, fences, or greenery can define your space and offer privacy, while arbors, pergolas, trees, or canopies provide welcome protection and ambiance above.

It's a good idea to decide beforehand what you want the main function of your outdoor living area to be. Is it entertaining? A quiet spot with two chairs by a water garden? Just a place to eat dinner with the family? Cooking outside? Gathering with friends around a firepit? Start thinking about 'what' you want to use your space for, and the rest of the elements, fire place, outdoor kitchen, patio here, landscaping there, will begin to fall into place.

Water shouldn’t be banned entirely from contemplative outdoor rooms. If there’s any place in our yards for accessories such as garden fountains and waterfalls, surely it’s here! There’s nothing like the soothing sound of bubbling water to put us into a reflective mood.

We design and build outdoor living spaces for the Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania areas.