Elevate the simplicity and charm of your outdoor space with our carefully curated Simplicity Series! Whether you envisage a minimalist pond or a cluster of bubbling rocks encircled by simple yet elegant hardscape, our wide range of styles is tailored to complement your unique vision.

Let us assist you in turning your yard into a serene sanctuary where you can relax, host intimate gatherings, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Reach out to us today and discover how we can make your perfect Simplicity Series a reality!

Sculptural stories for every haven, rustic charm to sleek modernity. Let the series flow, inviting nature's chorus into your sanctuary.

Each tier, a crescendo, culminating in a grand finale. Seasons dress them anew, sunlight painting sparkling diamonds on the spray.

Sun paints new masterpieces with every season, from sparkling spray to frosted elegance. Enjoy rustic charm or contemporary allure.

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Simplicity Series Ponds for Sale in Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

The Simplicity Series is the perfect solution for the beginner water gardener wanting to Get Your Feet Wet in ponds and waterfalls. We designed the Simplicity Series water features to be available to all at an economical price point, but still allow the enjoyment of the water feature lifestyle. The Simplicity Series includes three options for entry level ponds at an economical price point; and a small standalone waterfall perfect for that intimate little corner in your backyard; and three versions of fountains; Aged Copper Bowls, a Stacked Slate Urn, and a small Bubbling Rock.

We install these water features for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford area homeowners.

Our aquascape designs are some of the most versatile, creative and beautiful you will find in the Altoona, Johnstown, State College, and Bedford areas of PA. We specialize in elegant, functional pond, disappearing pondless waterfall & landscape fountain services that blend the natural beauty of this region with the architecture of your home.

Tussey Landscaping was the recipient of the Aquascape Top Frog Award in 2015 and 2017, recognized as the top water feature contractor worldwide. As well as the Artist of the Year award in 2017.