Rain whispers secrets to your patio, not worries. Our permeable pavers dance with the weather, letting nature's symphony seep through, nourishing your yard and reducing runoff. Sun-kissed stones bloom with vibrant hues, casting playful shadows on a surface that welcomes bare feet and rainwater alike. Embrace eco-chic, step by refreshing step, on a canvas that breathes with the earth.

Reach out today and discover Tussey Landscaping's permeable paver palette, where beauty joins sustainability in a backyard serenade.

Versatile and durable, permeable pavers are perfect for backyard walls. They add aesthetic appeal, provide structure, and require minimal maintenance.

Permeable pavers are excellent for property walkways. Their easy installation and variety of designs make them perfect for enhancing curb appeal and pedestrian safety.


A driveway leading to a house with a car parked in it.

A great choice for driveways due to their durability and low maintenance. They provide a cost-effective , stylish, custom look and withstand weather conditions.

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Permeable Pavers for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

Environmental Pavers and Segmental Retaining Walls are composed of a high strength concrete that is an environmentally friendly building product composed of both natural and recycled materials. The gravel, sand, and water used to make concrete allow it to be reused. During the production of these units, waste concrete is produced which is then crushed and reused as an aggregate, in turn reducing waste material in landfills.

Fly ash, a waste material produced and then discarded by coal burning plants, is another component used in the manufacturing process which keeps this material out of landfills. Synthetic iron oxide is used to color these units and is derived from the burning of recycled scrap steel to high temperatures. The natural and recycled materials utilized in the manufacturing process result in an environmentally conscious and efficient building product.

​Different styles of pavers lend themselves to an even greater eco friendly design.

Permeable Pavers are a permeable interlocking pavement system that creates an aesthetic and durable pavement which allows water to infiltrate to the subsoil. The permeable paver system provides environmental benefits as a designated structural solution for compliance with local regulatory storm water requirements.

Turf Pavers allow grass growth and, just as important, allow rainwater to percolate back into the ground.

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