Nothing elevates the exclusivity and allure of your outdoor area like a meticulously crafted Premier Collection! Whether you picture a luxurious pond or a gathering of bubbling rocks surrounded by premium hardscape, our extensive selection of styles is designed to enhance your distinct vision.

Allow us to guide you in transform your yard into a prestigious refuge where you can rest, host exclusive gatherings, and connect with the outdoors. Contact us today and see how we can bring your ideal Premier Collection to life!

Our Premiere Collection ponds are unsung heroes of urban landscapes, capturing rain and storm-water runoff to protect waterways from pollution.

The Premiere Collection waterfalls are not just beautiful, they're eco-friendly too! These man-made wonders use cascading water to filter and clean stormwater runoff, protecting our waterways from pollution.

The playful gurgling of these charming features adds life and ambiance to any outdoor space, making them both beautiful and beneficial. These bubbly gems create a healthier, happier garden!

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    Project Installation

    Our team does the work, and you enjoy your dream backyard!

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Premiere Collections for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

Discover the epitome of water feature elegance with our premier collection, showcasing Bubbling Rocks, Pondless Waterfalls, and Streams, as well as Ponds. Featuring three unique Bubbling Rock setups, three captivating Pondless Waterfalls, and four enchanting Ponds, each can be customized to meet your specific desires.

Our aquascape designs redefine versatility, creativity, and beauty in the Altoona, Johnstown, State College, and Bedford areas of PA.

Specializing in elegant, functional pondscapes, disappearing pondless waterfalls, and landscape fountains, our designs seamlessly blend the natural beauty of the region with the architecture of your home.

Recipient of the prestigious Aquascape Top Frog Award in 2015, Tussey Landscaping is recognized as the foremost water feature contractor worldwide. Located in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford. Extend your reach to other areas by contacting us, including Hollidaysburg, Martinsburg, Ebensburg, Saxton, Huntingdon, Ashville, Portage, Sidman, Tyrone, Claysburg, Hopewell, Breezewood, Alum Bank, Warriors Mark, Duncansville, and more in Blair, Cambria, Bedford, Huntingdon, Somerset, and Fulton counties.