Artist Of The Year Award

Artist of the year.
Wow. We came home feeling electric. Something we admit to secretly pursuing for years actually happened. Tussey Landscaping was awarded the Artist of the Year Award at the annual Pondemonium event in held in Chicago and put on by Aquascape.

The Artist of the Year group is looked up to and respected worldwide. This group consists of 6 different contractors from across North America that have all been given the Artist of The Year award and recognized for their artistic talent. We were humbled to be added to this group as the 7th Artist of the Year. Still can’t believe it happened. For years we have been attending these events put on by Aquascape and always come away feeling inspired and challenged from rubbing shoulders with the best in the industry. Greg Wittstock, the owner and CEO of Aquascape is a passionate man that has created a culture and movement in the water feature industry worldwide. Aquascape is the largest manufacture of water feature products in North America.


Speaking as an employee of Tussey for more than 10 years now, I personally attribute the growth of our team to the selfless leadership of Steve Martin and his brother Matt, both owners of Tussey Landscaping. The way they take care of not only their customers, but also their employees, has attributed to and fostered a team culture with high morale and a fun camaraderie that is rarely found in companies today. It truly is because of each other, and leaning on the gifts in each of our valuable team mates within the company; that has allowed us to achieve not only the skill and artistic creativity in our work, but a healthy and strong work place. 

We gratefully accept the awards given to Tussey Landscaping by Aquascape; and tip our hat to everyone that has contributed in helping us get there. Certainly would never have been possible without our loyal customers. And we continue on with vigor in our belief of keeping promises made on a handshake, a honest days work, and taking care of our customers the way we’d want to be taken care of. 

#BuildAwesomeness #ArtistoftheYear 

-Weston Zimmerman
 Foreman / Marketing Director