Things to Consider When Getting a Water Feature Built

A small water fountain in a garden with rocks and plants.
​Water features are the jewel of the backyard! Or we should say, can be to jewel of the backyard. When improperly built, unfortunately that is not the case. 
​Have you or one of your friends ever dealt with a poorly built water feature? Did you make a sizable investment into what you were hoping would beautify your backyard, only to be disappointed by a cantankerous non-functioning eyesore? Unfortunately every year we are called in to people’s homes where they tried to install a water feature through an inexperienced contractor, and long story short, they now have a disaster in their backyard. It is too bad, as these people that tried to go cheap, now end up spending much more to fix the problems and get it installed right.
As the 2015 Top Frog Award recipient, no one is more qualified or has more experience in water features than Tussey Landscaping. The Top Frog Award is awarded to the top Certified Aquascape Contractor and includes contractors worldwide. In 2015 Tussey was the top CAC. We have decades of experience, which allows us to design and create the best water features that require the least maintenance, which means you get maximum enjoyment.
This project shown above was constructed by a major landscaping company in State College Pa. It took an entire summer for them to complete, was costly, and was installed incorrectly on many points.
No biological filtration, which in turn caused uncontrollable horrible water conditionsImproper pumps and plumbing causing high energy consumptionPoor quality construction, loose unsafe boulders causing hazardsImproper LightingInferior artistic quality 
We always feel bad for these folks this happens to. Tussey Landscaping was called in to advise, and we identified all the problem areas and considered options with the homeowner. Tussey installed the necessary biological filtration, removed the unsightly plumbing mess and installed the proper pumps and plumbing, and rebuilt the majority of the stream to create a more natural mountain stream look. We also installed 5 yr warranty LED underwater lighting for that 5 star resort ambiance.
Above you can see the finished results. Check out the difference! While we did not entirely rebuild the whole pond, we installed what was necessary to provide crystal clear water conditions and make it actually enjoyable. For Tussey to install an entire project of the same size, would take 5-6 working days, not all summer.
5 Things to Consider Before Making a Decision:
Does your contractor have the experience and knowledge necessary to build water features?Does your contractor stand behind his work? Ask to see other projects they’ve done and ask their clients what their experience was like working with the company.Does your contractor have the artistic talent and ability to satisfy your expectations?Will the water feature your contractor is building have the necessary Aquascape System biological filtration?Is your contractor certified and trained in water features? Tussey Landscaping is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) for nearly 20 years. 

Consult with a professional pond designer and contractor