A stone walkway with flowers and a fire pit.

It is challenging to wade through the many details of doing or redoing the landscaping on your Altoona, State College, or Bedford property. Where do you start when choosing a landscape contractor? How do you choose the right landscaper for your project? How do you know who to trust to bring you the quality and expertise you want? Below are few points to think through as you make your decision. Hopefully these can help and turn your dreams and inspirations into a reality for your property.

Finding the best solution to all these questions starts with choosing the right Altoona, State College, or Bedford landscaper

​Make sure your landscaper is experienced. When scrolling through websites, check to see if the pictures in a landscapers portfolio are theirs and not a picture taken off the web. Check out a potential landscaper’s work either in person or online. In person is always better. Ask for referrals. If time allows get permission to visit projects completed by the contractor. Make sure your landscaper has done projects before that are similar to the project you have in mind. Dealing with a contractor that does not have the experience, equipment, or artistic ability to complete your project professionally is a sure recipe for disappointment. Does your potential landscape designer understand your vision? Does his experience allow him to give suggestions and pointers that help improve the project? Does the company stand behind their work? No matter how well done any landscape may eventually need some adjustments. Check out the Tussey Warranty. We stand behind our work. Last of all, remember the “The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten.”

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