Water Garden Delight

Nature Ages Beautifully
koi pond, Hollidaysburg PA

This beautiful koi pond in Hollidaysburg Pa is just shining in natural beauty. Nothing ages as beautifully as nature. This particular water feature was installed 7 years ago by Tussey Landscaping's water feature artists. The plants, fish, and landscape have had time to mature and just melt into nature, blurring the lines between what was touched by man's hand and what God has touched with the breath of life.

It is therapeutic to sit at the waters edge, watch the fish swimming in constant motion, the flowers swaying in the summer evening breeze, and the melody as the water crashes and falls and finds it course into the pond's still water below. As the evening fades into night, the lighting brings out beauty in a way not known before. Perfect place to let time melt into infinity as you sit beside your spouse and enjoy the sweet fragrance of the blooming flowers. Let the cares of the day fall away...

This water feature was designed and installed by Tussey Landscaping of Hollidaysburg Pa