Lifetime Warranty Outdoor Lighting

A home is lit up at night with landscape lighting.

Ever buy some landscape lighting from the local hardware store with great expectations of lighting up your walkway or landscape? …and then be disappointed? Yea, a lot of people have taken the same route as you. Outdoor lighting is a fine art. Not meant to be cheapened by inferior solar (or whatever) light fixtures. These…

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Techniques for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

A waterfall in the middle of a rock garden at night.

Outdoor Lighting is like an array of brushes an artist uses when painting a canvas. There are many different techniques, looks, and intentions that can be used in outdoor landscape lighting. ​Some lighting techniques we utilize for our Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania customers​Up LightingUp Lighting is used to highlight a tree or other feature, to…

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6 Landscape Lighting Concepts

A stone walkway with lighting at dusk in a backyard.

  There are 6 major lighting concepts that will aid in the design of your Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area home: Cohesion, Depth, Focal Points, Quality and Direction, Perspective, Balance and Symmetry. Cohesion refers to the overall appearance of the scene as one continuous panorama. If there are unlit areas near illuminated ones, then…

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4 ways LED Outdoor Lighting Improves  Your Home.

A walkway lit up at dusk.

  Security Security from theft and trespassing is a primary concern for all Altoona, State College, Johnstown, and Bedford Pennsylvania area homeowners and is usually addressed with high voltage floodlights. A better choice is strategically placed low voltage lights that provide low levels of illumination evenly distributed around the property. This avoids the problem of glaring…

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