Lifetime Warranty Outdoor Lighting

A home is lit up at night with landscape lighting.

Ever buy some landscape lighting from the local hardware store with great expectations of lighting up your walkway or landscape? …and then be disappointed? Yea, a lot of people have taken the same route as you.

Outdoor lighting is a fine art. Not meant to be cheapened by inferior solar (or whatever) light fixtures. These cheap fixtures have a very short life span, are poorly constructed, and even when new, give nothing but disappointing results. Nothing like the ambiance of a 5 star resort you were envisioning for your State College, Altoona, Johnstown or Bedford home.
At Tussey Landscaping, we have the solution.
The Lifetime Guarantee solid bronze AMP LED lighting line will deliver a lifetime of beauty to your home. As an Authorized Professional Contractor, Tussey will bring that atmosphere you see and admire at high end resorts right to your own home.
No more frustration of broken fixtures, lights not working for seemingly no reason, or even fear of wiping out all your lighting with a lightning strike. With the no questions asked Lifetime Guarantee, we stand behind our product with no hassle to you. The fixture, bulb, and everything are covered. No more costly bulb replacements down the road.

Professional outdoor lighting consists of pathlighting, uplighting on trees and plants, accent lighting your home, moonlighting, which is a soft down lighting from above, and more.
With the low voltage LED technology AMP uses, we offer the most efficient and green solution available. Using only 90% of energy traditional incandescent lighting does.
Talk to one of our qualified designers today about your home in State College, Altoona, Johnstown or Bedford, and see what can be done to take the look and feel of your home to the next level. Like the best one on the street.