How To Get Crystal Clear Water In My Koi Pond

Koi fish swimming in a pond with rocks.

Are you struggling to achieve the water quality you would like? Cloudy water, or excessive algae? We’ve got the solution for you. No one is more qualified than the experts at Tussey Landscaping, based out of Hollidaysburg Pa, and servicing State College, Altoona, Bedford, and Johnstown areas.

Your Aquascape Ecosystem pond is a living breathing body of water with all the functions of nature; just like a lake or river in the wild. With the Aquascape system, your pond will have everything in place to harbor that biological life.
To start and maintain this biological life, you need to add beneficial bacteria to your pond regularly. And there are products available to treat with manually, but the absolute best solution that’s ever been available is the Aquascape Automatic Dosing System. At Tussey Landscaping, we have been in the water gardening world for 20 years, and never has there been a solution available that is this effective and consistent.
The results from the Auto Dosing System are much better than anything we ever tried before, in fact the water quality is flawless.  It’s better than even when you may have been very consistent with manually treating your pond with the beneficial bacteria.
The Auto Dosing System is a small unit that is installed close to your skimmer box and a 1/4” line is run into the skimmer. The system is then programmed for your pond, and it precisely treats your pond with the exact amount of bacteria needed. It works kind of like an IV, with a bag, and a pump that slowly drip feeds the treatment into your pond 24/7.
The bacteria that is used with the Auto Dosing System is more effective than the bottled Beneficial Bacteria you buy off the shelf. The reason for this is that someone could overdose with the bottled bacteria you treat with manually, therefore Aquascape must create the formula in a way that will safeguard it against that chance, so that it will not hurt your fish or plants and ecosystem. However the Auto Dosing System eliminates human error, and there is no risk of overdose. Because of that the scientists at Aquascape can dial in that formula to exact proportions, which makes it be extremely effective and consistent. Much more so than any other product available.
To talk with a water feature expert about your pond or water feature, contact us today at 814.204.2983. We can get you set up and get your pond’s ecosystem going in the right direction, leaving only the enjoyment left, which you can do.