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Simplicity Series Pond: 7’x10′ Ecosystem Pond in Altoona, PA

Water Features

This project features one of our smallest and simplest Ecosystem ponds.  But small doesn’t mean different. This ecosystem pond was constructed following all the same steps used to build any size pond, and upon completion, it functions exactly like its larger relatives. In just a few hours, our experienced crew transformed this patch of grass into a living koi pond!

Digging the pond proved easy. Our procedure for making this pond is the same regardless of size. after excavation, our crew set the skimmer and bio falls where they will be positioned by the pond. Once these foundational parts are placed, underlayment, and then EPDM liner could be put into the pond.

With a motivated team of experienced builders, this rock work for this pond was completed in an hour! Our team installed the pump and plumbing work. Aquatic plants were added to help create a functioning ecosystem in which koi fish could thrive. After the rock work was completed, our team rinsed out the pond to remove excess dirt from construction. The pond was filled, and when the pump was plugged in, a new ecosystem, koi pond, was born before the owner’s eyes.

The relaxing sights and sounds of this little pond transformed these homeowners’ backyard patios into a relaxation station. This little pond brings all the delights of nature right to the edge of their living space. Watch this video to learn more about this tiny gem.

If you want to learn more about our ponds or talk about pond or landscaping options for your property, contact us today!

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