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Replacing a Backyard Koi Pond in Hollidaysburg, PA

Water Features

This old backyard koi pond had several issues. After discussion options with the homeowners, we came to the conclusion that the simplest solution was to replace it with a new pond.

We needed to address several major issues in this re-build:

1. Small boulders along the side were shifting and falling into the pond.
2. The filtration system was set up poorly.
3. The pond leaked due to improper construction.
4. The waterfall feature was not visible from the home’s deck because of how the pond was designed.

The Solution:
We set out to solve all of these issues and started by removing the old koi pond. Once removed, we packed in topsoil so that we could carve out the shape and design of the new pond the way we wanted. Through detailed discussions and planning with the homeowners, we were able to solve all of the issues that were preventing them from truly enjoying their water feature.

With a koi pond, what matters is not about how much money you spend. What matters is who you choose to plan and build it for you.

Unfortunately, every year we tear out water features that were built using the same products we use, but were installed improperly. In most cases, there is no easy fix. The takeaway is to be intentional about who you choose to build your dream koi pond and hire a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC).

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