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Nature Friendly Landscapes: Streams and Waterfalls in Bedford, PA

Water Features

The owners of this project showcase approached Tussey Landscaping looking for a contractor to help them create the landscape of their dreams. They wanted something natural, that would incorporate and enhance the living beauty of nature. Our Mountain Stream 16′ pondless waterfall was the fit.

Weathered Limestone boulders were used to frame and create the waterfalls. the aged boulders bring timelessness to a newly constructed water feature.

An old stump was added. The aesthetic properties of the stump are obvious, but the aged relic also becomes a host for a very biologically diverse collection of life. insects, moss, plants, and other tiny lives will call this home.

Winter hardy plants like this Chameleon Plant add color and life to this water feature.

These artistic waterfalls are more than just rocks and water. The winding stream, slow and ponderous, then cascading through itself, is the music and heartbeat of the landscape. A Healthy ecosystem waterfalls attracts and breeds life on many levels.

There is infinite beauty in nature. On every level, from the roaring Niagara to the single sphere of water,  there is a discovery of beauty waiting to be found.

It is more than just a waterfall. It is the centerpiece of the landscape, and of nature. From the tiny moss creeping along the waters edge, through the gentle flowers that grow beside the stream, to the trees that shade all below, the entire landscape integrated itself to the waterscape.

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