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Front Yard Landscape Makeover in Altoona, PA


This project had a thick overgrown section of brush and small saplings along the front yard. It kind of created an unkempt look, and the homeowners wanted to remove it and replace it with a nice landscape bed with mountain boulders embedded throughout the landscape, along with a barrier of yew bushes to create some privacy from the hiking trail just on the other side of their property line.

Next, we got started removing all that brush and the overgrown trees, shrubs, and plants in front of the house. Once all of that was removed, we began planting the new yew bushes and placing the mountain boulders. After placing the mountain boulders and planting the natural barrier of yew bushes, we began laying out the smaller plants, such as the shrubs and perennials.

If you have any questions about this project or are interested in pursuing a similar landscaping project for your property, let us know below in the comments section of this article, or you can contact us directly.

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