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Exquisite Custom Water Fountain Feature Display in State College , PA

Water Features

Eclectic. Exquisite. Contemporary. These are some of the words used to describe this water feature. Drawing inspiration from Old World craft and artisan stonework, with native boulders and driftwood and aquatic plants, all these elements draw together to capture the magic, of water!

This one-of-a-kind water feature was only one part of a display constructed by Tussey Landscaping. Constructed in the hub of the Penn State’s Ag Progress Days farm show, these waterfalls and fountains are viewed by over 40,000 people in three Days! Our crew arrived the first day to a flat open section of lawn.

To begin, the crew created a mound that would become the slope for our 10 foot Appalachian Run Pondless waterfall.  Eventually, the custom fountain feature would be incorporated into the other side of this mound. The Premier Pondless kit was constructed using weathered limestone rocks. This kit pondless comes with a variable flow pump, so the amount of water flow can be adjusted to taste.

To construct the water feature, the catalog of various Aquascape fountain products was opened. Copper Spillway bowls and Basin bowls were used. Various sizes of Stacked Slate urns were brought in. Several sandstone boulders were drilled to be used for bubbling boulders. An assortment of stumps and driftwood, weathered limestone and Pennsylvania sandstone were collected, and the creative process began.

This fountain feature was built over a large basin that would catch the falling water from all the waterfalls and fountains. After the basin had been constructed and liner was in place to catch all splashing, the creative process began. Two pumps were installed to send water to the many different sources. An elaborate manifold of Tees and valves allowed the amount of water directed to each bowl, urn, waterfall, and boulder to be controlled independently. There was no specific design for this part of the display. The crew of artists building this fountain feature evaluated each step of the process.

Guys would step back and contemplate:

  • “Should we switch those two urns?”
  • “What if we would put a bubbling boulder there instead of a copper bowl?”
  • “Let’s make a waterfall here!”
  • “Do you think we could make water come out of that stump?”

Deliberately, yet freely, the fountain took shape. Urns splashed lightly; open pools of water shimmered beside them.  Thin ribbons of water poured from some places, torrents gushed from others. If you want more information about how this display was constructed, or are interested in creating a  fountain feature of your own, contact us today to begin the conversation.

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