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Custom Koi Pond Installation at Luxury Apartment in Altoona, PA

Water Features

Graystone Apartments is a locally-owned luxury apartment chain in Central PA.

To date, Graystone has hired us to install large koi ponds at seven of their apartment complexes.

Commercial projects often involve working in confined spaces, which often require a unique design. In this case, the entrance had ponds on either side, which were connected underneath the entrance walkway. The water flowed out of the wetland bog filter, into the first pond, through a pipe that went under the walkway, and into the second pond.

To create a dramatic effect for visitors and residents arriving at the front entrance, we made the pond 3 feet deep and with abrupt vertical edges, which allows viewers to see the full depth from the edge of the pond. We used large, weathered, mossy boulders from the Ozark mountains of Missouri to give the pond an aged look. Then we then added a few copper bowls for an ornamental twist to match the rest of the building, which is quite ornamental and elegant.

Graystone residents are now greeted by a friendly waterscape when they come home.

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