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Creating A Dream Koi Pond In State College, PA

Water Features

These home owners had a koi pond behind their house which they had enjoyed for many years. However, it was leaking water, and the rock pond walls were falling in. In lieu of an extensive “fix up” project, these clients chose to have the old pond removed and a new and improved pond put in its place. This new pond would be slightly smaller than the old pond, and it would be moved back into the bank a bit more. This would allow more space for the patio area between the two wings of the house. The new 11’x16′ pond would be deeper than standard, three feet deep instead of two feet. This extra depth would contribute to the health of the Koi living in the pond. When our crew arrived, the fish were removed to a holding tank safely out of the way, the water was pumped out of the pond, and demolition began.

As soon as excavation began, our crew knew that there would be challenges to this build. The slope behind the house that our crew hoped to carve out for construction was a limestone ledge! In order to create the space and flexibility needed for the stream and pond construction, the crew spent hours digging out limestone rocks. After all obstacles had been removed, the now oversized hole was refilled with clean topsoil. This would aid the crew in shaping out the pond shelves, and also would ensure that no troublesome limestone ledges would damage our liner, once installed.

Like so many projects that year, we battled rain and mud the entirety of this project. In spite of this inhibitor to morale and efficiency, within a week, our crew was finishing the rock work in the pond, and setting boulders for the waterfalls and stream. Like all water features constructed by Tussey Landscaping, this pond was created using Aquascape components. Weathered limestone boulders from Semco, Missouri were used for the rock work. These mossy, aged beauties make a newly constructed waterfalls and stream look timeless!

When stream excavation was completed and the liner was installed, our crew began the creative work of selecting individual rocks for the stream. Each rock is evaluated for how it could be used to create a waterfall. How will water run across this rock? Can we use this tall rock to frame that heavier one beside it? This artistic process is unpredictable; the rocks delivered to a jobsite will dictate how the waterfalls are shaped and come together.

The project moved along, and soon the pond and waterfalls were completed, and it was time for a test run. The pond was filled (it was muddy!) and the pump was switched on. Even though there was still much work to do, everyone was excited. These new waterfalls played down the bank beautifully. Once all the details and landscaping were completed, this newly constructed water feature would look like it had always been there.

Soon shrubs, perennials, and mulch were brought in, and the final details of this project were completed.

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