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Complete Property Overhaul in Duncansville, PA


Project Features: Permeable Driveway Pavers, Koi Pond, Patio, Lighting, and Walkways

This was an amazing property makeover complete with permeable paver driveways, eco-friendly landscape design, and an eco-system koi pond. This was a full property project that started with just a simple conversation on how to improve what they had. The homeowner’s words were: “I just want to walk outside and say WOW!”

The Problem
As you can see from the Before images, the property was nice, but upon closer inspection, it had many underlying issues – the pond was not built correctly by another contractor, and there were issues with the structural integrity of the installed hardscapes, drainage issues, and maintenance issues.

The driveway and walkway pavers were installed flat, preventing drainage, which left water pockets and ice patches in winter. The water feature had constant water quality issues, maintenance was difficult, and the rocks were not stable. In short, it wasn’t built correctly with biological filtration.

The lesson here is to always thoroughly research and vet any contractor before hiring one. Fortunately, the homeowners were able to afford to correct all the issues their property was facing. However, being able to re-do poorly installed projects is usually the exception in most cases that we see.

The Solution
Everything had to come out. The old koi pond, the improperly installed hardscape walkways, the patio, and the two driveways– everything. The Tussey team worked to re-install a new koi pond with wetland filtration and reverse bog, Techo-Bloc paver driveways, patios, and walkways correctly to certified standards, and then applied finishing touches with landscaping, and added a fireplace and LED landscape lighting.

The Outcome
The homeowners initially called us because they wanted more privacy from the street and asked for a quote to do a green barrier with shrubs and trees. The homeowner’s comment about wanting a “wow factor” led us to a discussion about redoing the pond correctly with wetland bog filtration and making it bigger. Then we talked about adding another patio along the pond edge, which led to a conversation about meshing the look of the new hardscape mesh with the existing hardscape.

While completing the initial work we had agreed upon, we discovered how badly the previous work had been done, and the homeowners began entertaining the idea of starting over from scratch. We worked with the homeowners to re-design the entire property, add a new pond, a new patio, and landscaping and lighting. We were halfway through that project when the homeowner asked us to evaluate the paver driveways. Same story. The pavers weren’t draining properly because the installation was incorrect. In the end, we completely overhauled everything on the property: driveways, front walk, landscaping, and lighting.

The result was a property where all elements flowed together seamlessly, and the features all complimented one another.

Fun Facts

  • Over 5 tractor-trailer loads of hardscape material.
  • Took 2.5 months with 3-6 guys.
  • 40 tons of boulders.
  • Project ID: 4
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