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Backyard Retreat: Compact Patio and Water Feature in Bedford, PA


Our clients of today’ project wanted to create their own little backyard outdoor retreat. With a dream and a patch of grass, they contacted Tussey Landscaping to help bring their backyard to life.

Our crew arrived to begin construction, and the rain arrived with them.  throughout the project, the crew faced constant setbacks from the seemingly perpetual rain, and the ensuing ground water struggles. Constant rain and mud forced the guys to rebuild several phases of the project, and everyone got quite familiar with rain clouds before the job was completed.

Despite the constant weather-related setbacks, our crew doggedly continued, and the project continued to take shape. As the patio, steps, and walkway took shape around the water feature, the vision of a backyard became traceable through the mud and chaos of construction.

In progressing stages, the patio, steps, and walkways came together. For the walkways, we used a small Techo bloc paver called Antika. This small, random sized paver created an aged “cobblestone” look, while still giving a smooth walking surface. Black Hills natural stone slabs were used to continue the natural look of this landscape.

Thankfully, nearing the end of the project, the rain finally stopped. Our crew planted a mix of shade plants around the tree and water feature. After all the planting was completed and mulch was put down in all flower bed areas, the full beauty of this area became apparent.  The sight and sound of water incorporated with the calming aesthetics of landscape create the atmosphere of relaxation for which the patio was created.

After all construction work was completed, the crew regraded the lawn, patching up all areas disturbed by construction; hydroseeding a new lawn behind us as we left. the final day of cleanup was dusty! Nobody complained though, for everyone was relieved just to be free of the mud.

The final project was nothing short of stunning. Check out our slideshow of the completed project.

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