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Back Patio Entertaining Area Upgrade in Port Matilda, PA


The homeowners first contacted us to ask about building a patio for their home. During the site visit, the homeowners showed us the previous work that had been completed around the back of the house. Upon inspection, we identified a number of issues that needed to be addressed.

Issues To Correct

  1. There was a drainage problem. Water was somehow getting into the basement level of the house in the area of the existing patio.
  2. The existing patio was not nearly large enough to accommodate their family gatherings.
  3. The walk and garden areas that had been installed years earlier were not functional.

To solve the drainage problem, we re-designed the outdoor space that would give the family enough room to move around comfortably while also being visually appealing.

Retaining Wall
All of the old plantings, the patio, and walkways had to be removed. Once the old work was removed, we started building a retaining wall to support the side of the patio. This wall also allowed us to create the patio on one level, making the space much more usable. The retaining walls continue out of the ground to create an enclosure effect around the edge of the patio, providing safety and more of an outdoor room feel.

Landscaping, Walkway, and Lighting 
We incorporated some plantings to the inside of the walls to bring a little greenery into the patio space. Low-voltage lighting was installed in the walls and pillars to provide a comfortable, light level for safety and beauty during evening hours. A wide walkway was then constructed to connect the patio to the driveway to create an easy access path to the patio. Landscape lights were also installed along the walkway.


In the end, we were able to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space that added a lot of value to the home!

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