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7×10 Simplicity Series Koi Pond with 8′ Stream in Bedford, PA


These clients reached out to Tussey for help with their aging koi pond. Built over a decade ago, their small water feature was in need of extensive troubleshooting. Unfortunately, It was not effectively constructed and had chronic operating problems. Over the years, numerous “fixes” have left this pond struggling. It was time for our construction crew to do some pond work!

Rather than attempt more corrective measures on the pond, our crew decided it would be best to start over. It was agreed to remove the entire pond and stream system and install our 7’x10′ Simplicity Series Pond Kit. We also added an eight-foot stream to the pond kit. Our team of builders knew that a correctly constructed stream and waterfalls would greatly enhance the beauty of this water feature.

The old pond system had a complicated plumbing system that was difficult to service and maintain. The lighting system had exposed fixtures and wires running everywhere in and around the pond, and many of the fixtures were no longer working well. The improved skimmer and pump hook-up system of the Simplicity Series pond makes the pump much more accessible. Easy to install Low voltage lighting would be installed to transform the nighttime views of this pond.

Our finished project completely transformed this backyard. The new Simplicity Series pond features improved circulation and filtration; both will improve water clarity and ecological health in this pond. The new skimmer box allows the pump to be easily accessed for maintenance, and the skimmer basket easily removes floating debris from the water flow. The carefully disguised biofalls provide extra filtration. Our Underwater Low Voltage lights are carefully hidden among the rocks, illuminating the pond with their effects.
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