Water Quality Maintenance (WQM)

What is the Water Quality Maintenance (W.Q.M.) Program?

Over the years we have been constantly striving to make our customer's lives easier, and the result is the Wa Program for water feature maintenance. If you want nothing but to enjoy your water feature, then the Premiere Care Program is for you.

It includes everything to maintain your water feature properly. Your Spring Cleanout is covered, along with regular visits throughout the season to care and service your pond or waterfall. It also includes an Ion Gen and Dosing System, which you get free of charge for as long as you are subscribed to the Program. Along with an Extended Warranty that covers all components related to water quality (namely the Dosing System & Ion Gen) as long as you are subscribed to the program, regardless whether the manufacturer warranty has ran out or not. So if something fails, you get a new one installed for free. It does not include your Fall Shutdown or the Extended Warranty on the pumps, lights, and other components. That is all included in our Premiere Care Program.

We've made this program available as a monthly payment subscription to avoid having lump sum costs once a year for our customers. Structuring the program this way has helped us lower costs for our customers.

Water Quality Maintenance

This option includes the normal cleanout, plus the Water Quality Maint Program which covers all of the maintenance and products pertaining to water quality.
  • Treatments for the entire season
  • Monthly maintenance visits for the entire season 
  • Ion Gen and Dosing System included
  • Ion Gen Probe 
  • If Ion Gen or Dosing System fails, it is covered for free replacement under this plan
  • ​Monthly payment plan
  • Terms & Conditions here

Premiere Care Program

Option 3, Premiere Care Program includes the cleanout, Water Quality Maintenance Program, fall shutdown, and warranties everything on your water feature, including pumps, lights.
​ +

  • Biweekly (instead of monthly) maintenance visits throughout the season
  • Full extended warranty on lights, pumps, and all components
  • Fall shutdown included
  • Eliminate unexpected costs
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Terms & Conditions here

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Premiere Care Program for Altoona, State College, Johnstown, Bedford, & Hollidaysburg, PA

It's that time of year! FALL! The cooler weather and pleasant evenings sure are nice, but they do make us think of things we need to get done before winter hits. So, we are here to help you get prepared with Fall Shutdowns and Leaf Nets for your water features.