Pond Repair: What To Know Before You Begin

A white water lily floating in a pond.

You may be the new owners of a home that has a pond in the backyard. Maybe the pond you built 10 years ago needs a facelift. Perhaps that concrete fountain you had built has leaked since day one, and you are ready to get it fixed.

Whatever the case may be, here are a few things you should know going into a pond repair or revamp project.

Concrete Features

If you have a concrete fountain, waterfall or pond, any repairs or maintenance will be handled differently than a rubber liner pond. Concrete is a very permanent fixture. However, over time, all concrete is destined to crack and break. This is problematic if your pond or fountain develops a crack. Unfortunately, once a concrete fixture develops a leak, it is complicated to fix. Various sealers or joint fillers can be used, although they have mixed results. If your concrete water feature needs repairs, prepare to have it removed entirely and rebuilt. 

Rubber Liner Features

A liner pond is the most durable, but it can need maintenance or repair over time. However, there is a wide range of fixes available or necessary. Several common types of repairs and facelifts can be done.

Liner Patching Leak Repair

If your pond is leaking, this can be a complicated repair. Locating a puncture is difficult, especially in an older pond. If your pond has rock walls and gravel in it, this will require disassembling the walls to find and fix the leak. Locating a leak usually takes several weeks of observation. If the hole can be found and patched, it can still be difficult to guarantee that the problem is eliminated. UV rays from the sun will deteriorate a liner over time. Once a deteriorating liner begins to leak, it will continue to develop holes. At that point, it is best to replace the liner, which will require a rebuild.

Pond Pump & Component Repairs

Most pump repairs can be done on site by a professional. If your pump no longer works, a technician could repair it, or it might need to be replaced. This is usually not a complicated repair if your pond is designed properly. Plumbing lines may crack due to freezing temperatures or get severed by broken by roots or moving ground. Plumbing repairs are simple to diagnose and can be fixed easily. Your pond may have a skimmer or pump vault and a biofalls or spillway. While it is unlikely that these components will need to be replaced, occasionally replacement is necessary for older ponds. These repairs can be complicated and require a professional.

Pond Facelift/ Revamp

Maybe you like your pond, but you would like to add rock walls and gravel or rebuild the rock walls and waterfalls that are there. It is important to identify the risks associated and we do not recommend it. Any rebuilding work done within a pond risks puncturing the liner. If you chose to remove all rocks and rebuild, it is recommended to replace the liner as well which essentially means a complete rebuild. Rocks can be reused depending on what they are, or new rocks can be brought in. If you hire a contractor to rebuild your pond, make sure you discuss the possibility of leaks. It is important to have a clear understanding of liability for leaks and additional repairs before beginning a pond revamp.  Pond revamps can be very labor intensive and may uncover unforeseen problems and cost. If your pond requires extensive repairs and rebuilding, it may be in your best interest to remove the entire pond and install a new one.

Contact Us About Pond Repair
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