Life Life Outdoors In Your Dream Hardscape

A table with a cup of orange juice and a wicker chair.

Ever been trying to relax in the living room, Uncle Bill is watching TV at the maximum volume, kids are raising a ruckus, and you just want a quiet place to escape to?

​We make those places for you. Imagine just soaking up the peace of a summer night outdoors on your patio as the fire crackles in the outdoor fireplace. You pull out a cold drink from the fridge in your outdoor kitchen, and curl up on the outdoor sofa and just stretch out and breathe in the cool evening air. Relax. That’s what these places are for. And they are right outside your back door; they are called Outdoor Living Spaces.

Take your life outdoors this summer. Create a place that your family WANTS to come home to! A place where your teenagers want to bring their friends, and ultimately, spend more time with you at home. At Tussey Landscaping, we believe quality time is important for families, and we are in the business of creating the perfect environments for it, …outdoors.
Just unplug for a while. Walk outside to see your fish swimming in the pond and become lost in thought as you watch them swimming around. Look up from your screen, and soak in the beauty of nature. Listen to the music of water as your brook babbles down over the boulders. Watch in delight as your young child feeds the fish and connects with nature, rather than his video games. 
Or have friends over that you haven’t had time to visit with in months, and entertain them at the bar of your outdoor kitchen. Listen to your favorite music outside with your outdoor audio system as the twilight fades in across the evening sky, and the soft lighting accents your backyard.
Start your day off right with an extra breath of fresh air outside and have your cup of coffee out by the splashing waterfalls. You’ll feel so much better when you’re not in the rat race every waking moment.
All this can be yours at your very own home… Reach out to us and we will create your own personal peaceful environment, outdoors!

Tussey Landscaping is based out of Hollidaysburg Pa, and services the Altoona, Bedford, State College, and Johnstown areas.