How To Stop Weeds From Growing Between Patio Pavers

A small plant growing on a brick walkway.

Patio weeds are frustrating, but can be eliminated easily.

​Why do weeds persistently grow in the joints of my pavers?

This is a common question we hear and a problem that you might be encountering now that it’s early spring in Central Pennsylvania.

Misconceptions About Patio Weeds
Weeds do not grow from underground up through the pavers. Adding layers of weed barrier under the patio pavers or laying down additional stone will not eliminate your weed problem. Weeds are prolific growers, but there are a few steps you can take to keep them down.

How Weeds Grow Between Paver Joints
Almost all weeds you see growing in sidewalk or patio joints are weed seeds that have sprouted on top of the patio. Over time, dirt accumulates between the joints and acts as a planting zone where airborne seeds settle and sprout.

What To Do
Prevent dirt accumulation on top of your patio to keep weed growth down. It might be a good idea to clean paver and walkway joints with a pressure washer and sweep in new sand every three to five years.

Sealing your pavers with a suitable paver sealer will harden the sand in the joints and make it more difficult for weed seeds to sprout. A sealer will also rejuvenate your pavers’ color and enhance the overall look.

If weeds occasionally pop up, a spray weed killer can be used. Using an herbicide like RoundUp will not harm the pavers, and offers a quick solution to unsightly weeds on your patio or driveway.