Landscape Design

"Landscape Design."

Sounds rather imposing, doesn't it? One could spend years studying all the ideas in the field of garden or landscape design. That is exactly what our designers at Tussey Landscaping have done. We take great pride in the landscapes we install because they are on the leading edge of creativity and installation methods. If you need to spruce up the landscape design of a house that you are about to sell, or if you simply want to enjoy an enhanced beauty in the privacy of your backyard, you could profit from a straightforward, no-nonsense look at the ideas we have to offer.

When visiting a property for the first time we may ask you a lot of questions about the area you want to landscape. The questions will focus around the main use or function of the area, will it be for dining or is it just a quiet spot for reflection. We may also ask you about colors or plants that you enjoy. All this information helps our designer begin to paint the picture of your new landscape.

There are many different styles of landscaping, some styles are very ‘Formal’ and others are ‘Informal”. Formal designs place a heavy emphasis on the structure of the landscape being very symmetrical. While informal designs are much more flowing and curvilinear. The informal type of landscape lends itself to the natural looking ponds and streams that we install. Together these elements blend to give you a natural yet somewhat manicured look to your landscape. Most of the design work we are requested to do is of the Informal type, and I must say is the favorite our designers and crews. Our designers and crew members love to spend time outdoors and the informal (Natural) looking landscape gives them the opportunity to showcase their eye for natural beauty.

To list a few of both types:

  • Formal: English garden, Japanese garden, European
  • Informal: Natural (woodland), Cottage garden, Butterfly garden, Rock garden

Natural - Tranquility - Relaxing - Paradise

Natural, tranquil, relaxing